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You read these pages because they would like to know something about everyday magic, because they give their life around ,
want or destiny along a bit . That's good, because everyone is actually his own fortune .
Some people be thrown by the waves of life back and forth ,
lick their wounds and wait anxiously from ,
What happens next , because one can not do anything , it's just fate.
Think again , you may very well tear around the reins when the horse in a different direction ,
than the desired , galoppiert.Eines one must , however, make it clear , there are certain limits that you have to recognize
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Man - as a quantum physical phenomenon

Source Link : http://www.ipn.at/ipn.asp?AKB
The latest research show that our bodies , as well as any inanimate matter ,
can be regarded as a network of energy fields.
This network is composed of interference patterns of waves.
That which we call the matter of the body, is from another point of view
of view, the manifestation of interacting fields ,
among others by electromagnetic fields.
Without electromagnetic fields , there would be no atoms ,
no chemical bond nor any Biology,
So no organism. The mediator of the electromagnetic forces are the light quanta ( photons) ,
the transfer as a " messenger particles " the force effects of electromagnetic waves.
Processed in the development of quantum physics theoretical and experimental data
suggest that quantum make choices within a situational framework.
Today we know that
Man affects the energy balance of cells (usually unconsciously ) about the feelings .
About conceptions conscious thoughts can affect the function of organs and their energy supply
and that, by " quantum Addressing" , that is, the idea directs the quantum there
after which the thought is directed. So quanta are also considered to be energetic information messengers ,
pass on their information directly to the molecules of the cells.
Without this flow of information , the principle of biofeedback can not be explained .
According to the quantum theory of field , it is not possible to observe the reality
without having to change in certain areas,
Thus, the measurement has an influence on the measurement object .
This fact is expressed by the quantum- physical law of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle .
It follows that we do not only influence our reality , but we created them ;
we create certain properties , because we focus on .
That is, the reality is according to our expectations (and sometimes according to our will ) designed .
 This is where science and esoteric ideas .
Source Link : http://www.ipn.at/ipn.asp?AKB
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