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HIVE is a community for gamers to share hints, tips, and accomplishments.

  • Facebook for gamers
  • Play games
  • Share tips
  • Issues logging in

"It's Like Facebook For Gamers"


HIVE is sort of like Facebook for gamers. It not only offers a variety of mobile games, but it's a community of people who love games as much as you do. Get your friends to join by sending requests, and post and share your gaming experiences. If you can long in, the apps great, but there seems to be a glitch in the process.


HIVE creates a fun gaming community for those who like to play. You can share your best gaming advice as well as wins.


It's really hard to log in to the game. It errors you out, even when your user name and password are correct.

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by Molly

Mar 13, 2015

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