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    Published: 2014-03-12, by .

    Anonymous localized social wall

    • Totally anonymous
    • Broadcast to 500 random folks in your area
    • Possibly stumble across diamonds in the rough
    • Signal:noise ratio not so hot
    • Visual design needs an overhaul

    "Don't talk back"

    An ever-dynamic graffiti wall

    Like scribbling notes on a bathroom stall:

    Supreme apps' Yik Yak bestows 'pon all

    The power to deign, decry, and enthrall

    I've yet to see any poetry on the Barcelona wall; you may get luckier in your current location. Post whatever you like in Twitter-esque quips, and it'll be broadcast to 500 other folks nearby, totally anonymously. Browse through the mish-mash of others' anonymous postings, which tend to range from useful local tips to obscene proclamations. Some of it is fascinating, plenty of it is useless, all of it is very much in the chaotic spirit of a text-based 4Chan.

    Like in Reddit, posts can be up- or down-voted. At least in the Barcelona area, this didn't stop the large majority from being little more than noise - but YMMV. The visual design could also use some polishing, although it's far from the main purpose of the app.

    I envision Supreme apps' Yik Yak being a runaway success in high schools everywhere, and I admittedly shudder to think of the social implications. Can't stop the flow of information - if you ask me, we're going to see more and more tech in this vein.

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