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    ZASQR is the fastest barcode and QR codes reader in the world!
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    Why not get the most out of boring barcodes and QR codes?
    Download the ZASQR application on your smartphone and sign up! You can interact with your favorite brands and products and get incredible prizes and offers. And If you want, you can even create your own codes at
    Take these for example: You're going to cook some pasta, and discover that on the package there is a barcode; which if you read it with your ZASQR reader, will show you a delicious recipe and how to prepare it. Or, Imagine you’re walking down the street, and come across a a travel agency that is promoting the chance to win a trip in its shop window using a QR code, Just use your ZASQR reader and you could be the winner!

    It's just so easy! And what’s more, on the ZASQR app you can access a whole list of active experiences happening all around you. Find them, and enter the ZASQR experience!

    Stop Documenting, Start Experiencing

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