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Zliq is easily the easiest and fastest facebook photo uploader and facebook video uploader.

Zliq stands for “Zero Click” and is pronounced as ‘slick’.

Instantly upload photos and videos to your facebook wall. Zliq is the easiest and fastest way to click, upload and share photos and videos to your Facebook Wall or Facebook Albums.

You can
• Record Videos.
• Take Photos
• Create facebook albums

Easily click photos or videos. Zliq will automatically upload photos and videos to facebook.

You can create facebook albums from Zliq. All photos you click after creating the album are uploaded to this album on facebook. The videos are also named as the album and uploaded to facebook. Having the same name as the album helps you identify the related videos easily.

You can click, upload and share birthday, wedding, vacation or party pictures or video clips with your facebook friends even if they are not on facebook. Just forward them the email Zliq sends you when you create the album on facebook.
Worried about sharing photos of long events like birthdays, weddings or vacations? With Zliq, you don’t have to. Just create the faebook album and start clicking photos and videos. All photos will be uploaded to the same album on facebook as long as you do not explicitly close the album. Zliq does not forget it – even if you switch off the phone!

You will need a valid and active facebook account to be able to upload photos and videos to facebook using Zliq. When you open the app for the first time, it will ask you to login with your facebook userid and password. Once done, you are ready to use it.

Just click on the Camera icon to click photos and record video clips. Close app when done. Zliq will instantly upload your photos and videos to your facebook wall. Its that simple!

This trial version allows you to upload up to 30 videos and photos to facebook. Once you reach this limit, you will need to purchase Zliq Premium to continue the Zero Click experience of uploading your photos and videos to facebook.
Zliq is somewhat similar to other photo sharing apps like Instagram and photobucket. But where Zliq scores over other apps is in its simplicity and ease of use. Zliq is focused on making it dead simple to upload and photos and videos to Facebook. Plus, many of these apps do not allow video uploads to facebook.

New in this release - option to delete photos before uploading to facebook.

If what you want is to quickly take pictures or videos and upload them to facebook, then Zliq is what you need. It is the best Facebook photo uploader in the market.
Enjoy Zliqqing and don't forget to give your feedback.


Instant Photo / pictures upload to facebook
Instant Video upload to facebook
Zero Click picture upload to facebook
Zero Click video upload to facebook

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