Use CraftAR app in combination with Catchoom's CraftAR Service.

    With CraftAR service you can craft your own Augmented Reality experiences by linking real world objects (like magazines or products) to websites, videos, or 3D models.

    You can use the app right away by pointing at any of the demos provided by Catchoom.

    How does the app work?

    Point to an object in Catchoom's demo collection or one of your collections. Whatever experience you have previously crafted will pop-up from the object you point at.


    · Image recognition of real world objects.
    · Collection-specific matching.
    · Open website related to matched item.
    · Open AR experience related to matched item.
    · Switch between Single Shot Mode (one picture) and Finder Mode (continuously scanning).
    · View API Responses instead of the interactive content.

    How to use the app with items in your own collection

    Note that to use your own collections and items (objects that become interactive) you'll need to create an account at Catchoom's CraftAR service. You can start with a Free Trial.

    1. Type in the 'token' corresponding to the collection you want to match against. This token is a unique string associated to one of your collections.
    2. Take a picture with the camera.
    3. The request will automatically be sent to CraftAR's Cloud Image Recognition Service.
    4. With the response, an Augmented Reality experience will start or the API results will be shown in a table.

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