DIP Grid



This simple app displays a grid, measured in android's dip's (density-independent pixels). Aimed for developers and graphic designers as a helpful tool for creating user interfaces in android apps.

More info about android's metrics can be found in official docs: http://developer.android.com/design/style/metrics-grids.html

By using this app it is easy to understand how different android devices choose graphic assets from one of the predefined pixel density buckets: ldpi, mdpi, tvdpi, hdpi, xhdpi & xxhdpi

Dividing device's pixel screen size by size in dip results in a multiplier that matches one of the density baskets.

some examples (by screen width):

Samsung Galaxy S4: 1080/360 = 3 (xxhdpi)
Samsung Galaxy Nexus: 720/360 = 2 (xhdpi)
2012 Asus Nexus7: 800/600 = 1.33 (tvdpi)
Samsung Galaxy Tab2: 800/800 = 1 (mdpi)
Samsung Galaxy Ace: 320/320 = 1 (mdpi)

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