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This is a demo app for the DragSortListView library. The project is hosted on GitHub with repo name: drag-sort-listview.

DragSortListView is an extension of Android's ListView widget that mediates drag-and-drop reordering of list items. Its primary purpose is to provide an empty "drop slot" that tracks the dragged item, effectively reordering the list on-the-fly. DragSortListView also handles the tricky task of scrolling while dragging items over a long list. Animated transitions give the process a seamless and intuitive feel.

Several convenience features accompany the basic functionality described above. The most common drag initiation and item removal techniques have been implemented for you and are accessed through simple XML attributes:

• Drag initiation: on touch, on drag, on long-press

• Item removal: on click, on fling, on slide

The first demo, "Basic usage playground," exposes the basic features of the library through the menu. You can dynamically change drag initiation and item removal methods and add headers/footers to the list. The rest of the demos address more advanced usage.

As you know, issues with the library that are voiced in the comments will go unnoticed and left to wither. Please open an issue ticket on the GitHub project page, or email me directly. Thanks and happy dragging!

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