GWT Mobile PhoneGap Showcase




    This app showcases the functions of PhoneGap, a cross-platform mobile development framework.

    The app is open-source. Source code is available at

    GWT Mobile PhoneGap Showcase has implemented the following PhoneGap functions:

    Accelerometer: Tap into the device's motion sensor.
    Camera: Capture a photo using the device's camera.
    Capture: Provides access to the audio, image, and video capture capabilities of the device.
    Compass: Obtain the direction that the device is pointing.
    Contacts: Work with the device's contact database.
    Device: Gather device specific information.
    Events: Hook into native events through JavaScript.
    File: Hook into native file system through JavaScript.
    Geolocation: Make your application location aware.
    Media: Record and play back audio files.
    Network: Quickly check the network state.
    Notification: Visual, audible, and tactile device notifications.
    Storage: Provides access to the devices storage options.
    Plugins: Child Browser

    Note: the Database storage function is not currently wrapped, as webkit browsers all support database now. This function may become useful when PhoneGap works on Windows Mobile 7 phone, which does not have in-browser database support.

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