Lightstreamer GCM Stock Demo



This is a demo showing the usage of the Lightstreamer Android client library in order to receive real-time updates and push notifications.

In this example, several stock prices are subscribed to and updated in real-time by Lightstreamer Server.
Use the start/pause button on the menu to open/close the connection to the Lightstreamer server.
Touch one of the stocks in the list to see its details.
From the details page you can activate push notifications, to be received on price changes, by enabling the toggle on the bottom.
You can also set a threshold by touching the stock chart: if the price passes the threshold, the device will receive a push notification. A green line indicates that the threshold is being set while the red line represent the currently set threshold.

Navigate the sources of the demo application on github

Lightstreamer is a highly engineered server for delivering real-time data to and from mobile, browser, and desktop applications. Based on HTTP and WebSockets, it is able to pass through any kind of proxy and firewall.

Chart are plotted using AndroidPlot:

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