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    MOBiLENViTES Graduation Demo

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    This is a demo set up to give the user an idea of how they can create their Graduation Mobile App. It can turn into more than just graduation because it doesn't have an end date. It's your App. You can use it however you like!

    MOBiLENViTES builds fully customizable and marketable Apps. Completely Stunning!

    This app is set up as a demo for users who would like to have their own personal app built for either their business, music career, personal life and more. There are so many different facets that we cover and it is all personalized... fully customizable. We help with bringing the vision to life.

    Our mission is to make every customer's mobile marketing, mobile advertising, personal announcement, invitation or event the most memorable experience they have ever had while sharing it with their customers, family, friends, followers and more.

    Company Overview
    MOBiLENViTES is the first app developer and leader to develop personalized mobile apps for any personal invitation or business occasion. People use MOBiLENViTES to combine their many different social networks, video platforms and customizable pages within one place, right at the user’s fingertips. The app helps a person to share his or her life experiences, events or personal documentary with friends and family in a creative and innovative way.

    General Information
    These are the basic menu options:
    • Social Networking
    Twitter, Facebook, MySpace...
    • About Announcement or Party
    • Photo Gallery
    • Video Gallery
    • Music player
    • Calendar
    • Website URLS
    • Contact Form

    There are no hosting fees for basic
    options and starter apps
    • Hosting fee is $40 once you app
    reaches 500 market installs
    • Web version installs are unlimited
    • 4 Free push notifications per month

    Apps are available for Android and Apple Market for business app development. Personal apps are made available in Android Market and as a web version install if you do not want your app on the market. The web version install is also available for businesses and bands.

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