RabiSoft SecureSettingPatterns



This application change any settings together, when receive broadcast intent.

for Non-Rooted Device.

Long press list item => do change settings.

Limitation :
This application does not work without command.
Command for developers.
> adb shell pm grant com.rabisoft.android.SecureSettingPatterns android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

Parameters :
GPS On/Off
NFC On/Off
Mobile Data On/Off
Bluetooth Scan Mode None/Connectable/ConnectableDiscoverable
Airplane Mode On/Off

Receive Broadcast Intent :
Action : "RabiSoft.SecureSettingPatterns.intent.action.PATTERN"
Extra Name : "name"
Extra Value : pattern name

Please use with ( for send/receive intent )
"Intent to Intent Ad" or
"Intent to Intent Pro Ad".

Support :