Beta2 is Braille player. 6 points of Japanese Braille, 1,4,2,5,3,6 vibrate in the order of each point of the vibration if you have a long, if there is no point to represent the Braille short vibration Masu. Please come to experience. However, if done continuously, only last a short vibration, are omitted. For example, the "A" will be just one long vibration. Please. The contents of the statement, "Hello little longer refurbished" can only be expressed. How much has changed from v1.0.1. Flick left or right on the screen, tap and double tap the operation. Flick from right to left: Go to the next character. Flick left to right: Back to the previous character. Tap: playing a character, proceed to the next character. Double Tap: - Down: continuous play until the next blank, wait. - Now Playing: Stops continuous playback. Can try to play one character for each tap. Kitara continuous playback can try double tap used to it. I really do not know how to use useless, by all means please send us your thoughts.

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