VocalCart™ - Voice Shopping



Let your voice do the shopping - "Siri for grocery shopping"

Allow our patent pending grocery assistant to shop for groceries using only your voice

Use it while on the go - hands free with your Bluetooth devices or speaker

Once you are done filling your shopping cart, you can checkout to deliver your groceries straight to your doorstep

When asked what would you like to purchase you can say for example:
“Milk and bread”

When presented with a question answer using your voice

When asked "is that correct?" you should answer "Yes" or "No".

Here are a few keywords you can use in your answers:
Cancel (To Exit the App)
Settings (to launch the settings page)
Start Over (to restart the app)
Go Back One step (to repeat the last step)
Nothing , Nothing Else, That’s it (to complete your shopping list)

If the app speech recognition is not working check this:

Supported Merchants: Tesco, Amazon

If you have any feedback or issues email us at ari@volcari.com

Note for Online Grocery Shops: We can license our technology to be used in your own mobile application

Note that Siri, Vlingo and Dragon Go cannot provide you with this functionality as they are not integrated with the merchants stores

Retail grocery shopping with your voice made...

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