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Use your smartphone as a wireless bar code scanner. The scanned barcodes are immediately available for further processing via Bluetooth, TCP/IP or a WebSocket interface.

This app is a cost-saving alternative to handheld wireless barcode scanners; it quickly and reliably scans all common linear and 2D bar-codes. This free demo version replaces barcode data on an irregular basis with a demo text. All other features are identical to the full version (market://details?id=com.tecit.android.bluescanner.full).

SIMPLE: Setting up the Wireless Barcode Scanner is very simple and the app is extremely user-friendly altogether. Just start the app, pair or connect the device with your computer and scan barcodes remotely.

FAST: Bar-codes are detected and decoded quickly.

BATCH SCANNING: Scan barcodes one by one or in batch mode.

LOGGING: Scanned bar-codes are logged for later (re-)sending. The size of the log is adjustable.

RELIABLE: The app notifies you about the current connection status to your target system and shows failed barcode-scans immediately.

BLUETOOTH, TCP/IP, WEBSOCKET: Wireless Barcode Scanner communicates via Bluetooth, TCP/IP or WebSocket.

The app can be operated as Bluetooth Master supporting the serial port profile (Bluetooth SPP). Once connected to the computer, the barcode data can be read by using standard software tools from a virtual serial port (RS232 or COM-port).

You can also configure Wireless Barcode Scanner to send barcodes to your target system via TCP/IP (via WiFi or mobile network). In this case, Wireless Barcode Scanner works as a TCP server, any TCP client (e.g. TELENET) can be used as a receiver.

Finally, Wireless Barcode Scanner can also operate as a WebSocket server. A suitably created HTML5 page is able to communicate with the app easily.

BARCODE CONTROL: Wireless Barcode Scanner provides adjustable bar-code support, prefix and suffix configuration and an adjustable character set for barcode decoding.

KEYBOARD WEDGE: For inserting the scanned barcodes as simulated keystrokes, keyboard wedge software like TEC-IT’s TWedge is required. A free demo download is available on www.tec-it.com.

VOLUME LICENSE: The full version is available in the Google Play store (market://details?id=com.tecit.android.bluescanner.full). For volume or enterprise licensing without using Google Play, contact sales@tec-it.com.

Don’t forget to rate the app. We highly appreciate your feedback. For feedback, questions or suggestions please contact support@tec-it.com.

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