Download The Energetics of Healing The Energetics of Healing icon

The Energetics of Healing

We guides you through all seven chakra centers and correlates them wit...

Similar app: The Subtle Body

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Download Forest Sounds Forest Sounds icon

Forest Sounds

The Forest Sounds album features the calming sounds of a gentle forest...

Similar app: Night Sounds

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Download Anxiety Aid Anxiety Aid icon

Anxiety Aid

nxiety is a general apprehension and fear that can't quite be defi...

Similar app: Chakra Stimulation

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Download Deep Sleep 2X Deep Sleep 2X icon

Deep Sleep 2X

There are several stages of sleep that people pass through in the cour...

Similar app: Deep Sleep 10X

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Download Tapping In Tapping In icon

Tapping In

Resource Tapping is a clinically recognized therapy to activate your i...

Similar app: Energy Clearing

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Download Your Body of Light Your Body of Light icon

Your Body of Light

You know you have a physical body, but did you know that you also have...

Similar app: Increase Vitality II

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Download Awakening Through Sound Awakening Through Sound icon

Awakening Through Sound

Your Naked Voice: The Intimate Expression of Who You Really Are Have...

Similar app: Chakra Stimulation

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Download Depression Help Depression Help icon

Depression Help

Addiction is a very painful process that can disrupt lives and -if lef...

Similar app: Psychosomatic Wellness

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Download Fit App lite Fit App lite icon

Fit App lite

This basic version of FitApp features BMI, resting metabolic rate, a O...

Similar app: Fit App

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Download trackmate trackmate icon


trackmate is a lean track/map app, similar to Sports Tracker or Google...

Similar app: Path Tracking Lite

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Download Past Life Regression Past Life Regression icon

Past Life Regression

The writers of the Upanishads of Ancient India swore by it. The Yoga...

Similar app: Illuminating the Afterlife

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Download Better Love Life Better Love Life icon

Better Love Life

How Valuable is a Better Love Life? It's no mystery that some peo...

Similar app: Pure Focus

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