1UP Lite



1UP is a skateboarding based game. Simply score higher than the skater that pulled of a line of tricks right before you to stay in the running. The last skater wins the game.


Each trick will make you gain points, the harder the tricks are, the more points you'll get.


Fakie Backside Heelflip = Fakie (+5) + Backside 180 (+10) + Easy Fliptrick (+30)

Rotate the device to the left or right side to reset the score. (And Back) (The reset button is buggy)


Easy and Hard Fliptricks?

-Easy fliptricks:

-Kickflip (+ Variation) Example: Varial Kickflip (+30)
-Heelfip (+ Variation) Example: Varial Heelflip (+30)

(NO Hardflip, Inward heels, etc..)

Hard Fliptricks:

-Harflips, Inward Heels, 360 Flips, Lazer Flips, Impossibles, etc..)

How do I reset the score?

Simply rotate the device 90 degrees. (And Back)

Fix for the buggy Reset button is comming soon.
Fix for app crashing is comming soon.

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