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The cost of the app is the non-refundable sign up fee to my email only service. What is guaranteed is weekly Major League Regular Season Baseball picks sent to the email that you sign up with on the app google form. "The current MLB regular season consists of 162 games per team, which typically begins on the first Sunday in April and ends on the first Sunday in October." Now because this season will finish in soon I am extending all membership to the end of the MLB 2014 regular season. The 2014 season begins in March. During the break time I will only send horse racing picks. On top of that! Everyone who pays for this app before the end of the regular 2013 MLB season will get a bonus free subscription to the 2015 regular MLB season picks!!! Now that is cheap! Why? Because I mostly do this for fun and I have a full time job. Other providers of sport picks charge FAR more than I do. I recently looked at the cheapest that I could find and it was $95USD, BUT ONLY for the rest of the MLB 2013 season! So, in comparison, I am giving you a fair go for all of my hard work and analysis. Make sure that once you install this app that you complete and submit the form with your email address. I like other similar services run as a convenient email service! My horse racing formula was far more popular than my MLB formula, however, this sign up is only for either my 5 star MLB picks service or both the free and 5 star MLB picks email service. It is your choice once you pay. I am also attaching a guarantee to this service like other similar providers do. IF for the next three months, my strike rate is not above 60% (with my 5 star picks) then everyone will automatically be FREELY subscribed to my 2015 Regular Season Major League Baseball Picks. NOTICE THAT THIS IS AN EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE ONLY! ALSO I ASK ONLY ONE OTHER THING; to avoid people stealing and getting access to my email subscription for free I need all subscribers to do one thing! Within one month of subscribing to my service I will send you a reminder email that you need to give this app a rating! WHY? Well, otherwise I will have no proof that you did not just get pirate access to my service. Therefore, if the name on your rating matches the name in the google form that you submit on joining then I will have confirmation that you are a paying member. I don't mind giving away my free picks for nothing. However, the 5 Star picks are special, because they fulfill every rating (not just a few ratings) produced by my proprietary algorithm and have the higher confidence. Furthermore, there will be a youtube video emailed to all new subscribers, which will be an animated tutorial full of advice in becoming a professional punter. Cannot afford it? Then feel free to sign up to my free picks service by using my free app "Sport Picks". Notice: Please allow up to 48hrs for your email to be added to the group email subscription list. Thank you.