American Pool Skills



American Pool Skills is a educational training app that utilises some 59 tuition video lessons.

The first 21 lessons are included and the rest can easily be aded.

Pool89com - Shot the Line
Pool89com - The Cleaner
Pool89com - 30 Balls
Pool89com - Run The 15 Balls
Introducing 8-ROT -- 8-ball 9-ball pool run practice game
13 cue ball squirt spin
23 Spin Squirt
Mike Massey Extreme Draw Oyster Power Draw Analysis in HD
3rd Eye Stroke Trainer sec 2
Jumping Made Easier With The Predator Air Jump Cue Billiards Pool
Predator BK2
Introduction to The Natural Result Systems - Part 1
Introduction to the Natural Result Systems - Part 2
Billard Artistique
Sortos Masterpiece 1 Preferred Version Pure Pool
Introduction to The Natural Result Systems - Part 3
Cue Ball Control - part 2
Billiards Cue Ball Control -part 1
Gravity cue snooker billiards pool cue from gravitycue com
Essential Position Play
The Half-Ball Hit -- part 1
Half-Ball Hit - part 2
Progressive Practice - Part 1
Shots you must practice 2
Shots you must practice
Practicing falling on the line
Eric Yows Trick Shot Madness - Masse Insanity
Mastering Pool Volume 3 Mika Immonen billiard Training PLAYING SAFETIES
Improving Draw Technique
Position Drill
Reyes vs Murphy
The Ultimate Pool Drill
Johnny Archer v Nick Varner 8-Ball at Galveston World Classic
ghost ball line of aimwmv
The Masse Cue By Barioni Cues
Does Your Cue Have This
24 Stroke Shots
Learn to Jump Balls 1 of 2 - Pool Billiards
Pat 1-1 Speed drill
PAT 1-8 Endless Position Drill
Bert Kinister Presents Don Feeney - Pool and Billiard Stroking and Advanced Cueing Techniques
CTE-finding-the-aiming lineflv
Basic Three Cushion Shots
Pool Instruction - Overhanded Jump Shot fredm4315
Wagon Wheel - Billiards Draw Drill
360 PureCue Stroke Trainer for snooker 9 Ball pool 8 Ball Pool billiards
45 Degree Miter Sled
NV B85 - Corner-Five System for aiming three-rail kick shots from VEPS IV
Pool Billiards Lesson with Pro Pool Player Max Eberle
141 End Pattern Drill 2
5 Pool Tips
PoolBilliard Training Aid CueStrokeavi
U S Open 9-Ball Championship 2008 Final Match
Angles - How To Play Pool Like The Pros
How to play Pool Working the Tangent line
22 Efren Reyes vs Francisco Bustamante - Tactical 8ball rack
141 Evaluation - Dennis Walsh - Second 24 Ball Run Part 1
Chicago Bugs-Banking
How To Get Precision English

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