Amerikick's Learn Karate



Amerikick's Champion Instructors provide you with a series of 31 tutorial videos providing you with a step by step demonstration of the latest kicks, tricks and escapes.

Extreme Martial Arts (XMA) Tutorials:
540 Sweep Backside Kick
Sweep Spin Hook Kick
Hook Round Ariel Kick
Dragon Twist
Cheat 720 Kick
540 Kick
Backside 900 Kick
Butterfly Twist
Autobahn 720
Narabahn 540

Karate Kicks and Escape tutorials:
Front Kick
Chicken Kick
Tornado Kick
Spin Crescent Kick
Spin Hook Kick
Spin Rear Kick
Front Rear Combo
Roundhouse Kick
Crescent Kick
Rear Kick
Axe Kick
Wheel Kick
Hook Kick
Side Kick
High front Kick
Wrist Grab Defense
Reverse Punch
Palm Strike Technique

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