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** NOTE ** If you want an app that tracks pitching stats, try out my new Pitching Tracker!

Calling all little league parents, baseball coaches and others interested in baseball. Track multiple players batting averages while sitting at the game! Tracks 24 key statistics for multiple players! Great for little league baseball coaches. Great for parents to track your players progress. All statistics are saved in a database. Delete players or all stats for a player at any time. Very handy tool! Extremely flexible and easy to use!

Here are the statistics that are tracked by the Baseball Tracker:

Batting Average (Avg)
At Bats
Home Runs (HR)
Hit By Pitch (Hit B.P.)
Runs Batted In (RBI's)
On Base Percentage (OB%)
Fielder's Choices (Fld. Ch)
Strike Outs (St. Out)
Ground Outs (Gr. Out)
Fly Outs (Fly Out)
Line Outs (Line Out)
Sacrifice Bunts (Sac. Bunt)
Sacrifice Flies (Sac. Fly)
Stolen Bases (STB)
Stolen Base Attempts (STB Att)
Stolen Base Percent (STB %)
Base On Error (B. On Err)
Runs Scored (Runs Sc)
Slugging Percentage (SLG%)

Get the Baseball Tracker - No Ads version for more features that are not included in this version. Including the tracking of Pitching stats as well!


** IMPORTANT ** If you would like to receive updates for this app in the future, please download this version (Baseball Tracker-Free Edition) instead:

Unfortunately this version is currently locked and I won't be able to update it anymore. If you have any questions, please contact me!


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