BASEline Flight Computer



BASEline is designed for skydivers and BASE jumpers to improve wingsuit flight performance through data analysis and real-time audible feedback.

BASEline Flight Computer is designed to:

1) Record sensor data from your phone. When you click record, the app starts logging all GPS, altimeter and accelerometer data to a CSV file. You can export this file to be analyzed later. It is also possible to automatically sync these track files to using your google account. The data can be analyzed later to determine flight profiles.

2) Provide real time flight data by speaking your glide ratio, horizontal or vertical speed. This feedback is helpful when learning to maximize wingsuit performance. Click the audible button to configure audible mode, minimum/maximum values, and speech rate.

3) Display your position, altitude and speed on a map to give you real-time visual flight data. You can set a home location to assist with navigation, and BASEline will also use your current trajectory to estimate your landing zone.

Disclaimer: Phone sensors may not be reliable, and vary wildly in quality between devices. Please exercise extreme caution if using this app in any risky or dangerous activities. Software is provided "as is," with no warranty of any kind. Skydiving and BASE jumping are dangerous, don't be stupid.

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