BASEline Flight Computer



BASEline is designed for skydivers to improve flight performance by offering real-time audible and visual feedback.

BASEline displays information from phone sensors such as altitude, speed, glide ratio, tilt, distance and bearing to target. Learn your glide ratio, fallrate, etc. Record tracks of your flights. Improve your skydiving performance. Includes:

Programmable Audible.
- Translates sensor readings into audible feedback
- Alerts that fire when given conditions are met (eg- 3000ft and still in freefall, pull your chute!)
- Sound loops linked to your speed, glide ratio, fallrate, etc. (eg- a drum beat linked to your glide ratio)

- Set a "home" location, and then uses audible events to indicate distance and bearing to the home location.

Log Book.
- Also serves as a skydiving log book, recording from altimeter and GPS whenever the app is running.

It is strongly recommended that your device have a built-in barometric altimeter sensor (only available on some devices). GPS ALTITUDE IS NOT RELIABLE. Even with a barometric altimeter, phone sensors may not be reliable. Please exercise extreme caution if using this app in any risky or dangerous activities.

Software is provided "as is," with no warranty of any kind. Skydiving is dangerous, don't be stupid.

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