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This is a test App designed specifically to check if your DiveNav bluebuddy / Tech Buddy Bluetooth 4.0 BLE low energy wireless data logger is alive.

This App should work with ANY Android smartphone equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 low energy technology AND with Android 4.3.
This App also supports the following proprietary BLE libraries (pre Android 4.3):
Samsung BLE library for Galaxy S3 (4.1) - 3/10
Samsung BLE library for Galaxy S4 (4.2) - 8/10
Motorola BLE library - 3/10
HTC OpenSense BLE Library - 7/10

Follow this simple steps:

1) First make sure that you have activated Bluetooth 4.0 in your Smartphone
2) Launch the bluebuddy Scanner App
3) Activate your bluebuddy / Tech Buddy by connecting the 2 water sensor pins with a wet finger
4) Tap the refresh icon (lens magnifier symbol) to start a scan.

Please note that the bluebuddy device will go back to sleep after 1 minute unless you keep the water sensor pins connected.

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