Boston Celtics News & Podcast



Celtics News & Podcast!!!
Celtics News & Podcast is an app that will keep you up to date on the latest trade rumors, basketball news, Boston Celtics news, and some podcasts will be added in the future when available (Email me if you find a good feed!).
The $.99 you are paying goes towards this App being unadvertised forever! GUARANTEED!!
- Widget
- Automatically updates (can change update frequency in settings)
- Themes
- Favorites list of articles
- Link to particular articles directly to the news website
- Unread list
- Option to mark all as read and Hide read
- Notifications when new unread content is available
- Backup options also available
- Podcasts Player/Downloader
- More to come!
We are not in any way affiliated with the Boston Celtics or the NBA and its providers.
Shrapnel inc. is not responsible for any of the trademarks, copyrighted materials, team names, logos, slogans, mottos, or any other legally binding deal that may have been omitted. We are using these for descriptive purposes and should not be taken as ownership.

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