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    Deep-rooted that the style "Keisuke Honda" ", without which not" Keisuke Honda "is aware of our weight"
    Twitter Chinese Version - voice, Chinese Fan "spectacular game in the throat than the EURO2012" W Cup against New Zealand last day of qualifying
    . I think "8" "23 to turn back the candidate of Shinji Kagawa maybe seven new" about ", not", number of Manchester United ace ""
    In Australia, treatment of W Cup qualifying local media indifference is not only to the extent reported surprisingly really sorry
    Is also active supporting role unexploded CR7 Portugal Group B is Seisu passage at arms with Denmark
    14 rejoicing in the league 2 goal win Fagi upcoming Man U join Kagawa, the MF Nick Powell for England U-18
    Come-from-behind victory in the host country Sweden Ukraine EURO2012 Group D! Shevchenko scored 2 goals
    Nagatomo be targeted! Australia, "notice" offensive left
    France vs England colleague Nasri tie 1-1 ENG FRA middle preemptive Lescott also draw conclusion of both mean pain

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