Callaway Golf Fanatic



If you love golf, and I mean LOVE golf, you will LOVE this app. Want to know whats happening with golf locally and nationally? In the news, events, what people all over are saying about golf. Want more information on the latest Callaway products, tiger woods golf, ESPN golf, Masters golf? The low down on all your favorite golfers in the PGA.
So you are out on the course trying to close the big sale with the president of your most coveted account, and while he is lining up his shot, you pop open this app, and have a wealth of golf facts and latest news to talk about, to break the ice.
Get him up to speed on the latest Callaway golf products. Rattle off a few swing tips. Then you hit him with some local deals or events in the area that you instantly accessed. BAM! You look like a superstar, and have a customer for life.

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