With the addition of needles used in kart (Series K and U):
see Type Needle.

Added curve Help as approximate reference (standard carburetion): emulsifier Minimum: 45 - Air screw 2 turns - Gas Valve 40 DP 2.64 - K28 2nd notch - Max 160 - 20 ° C - 1010 mbar - Um. 50% - 3% Oil.

Great for making a call.
Help in choosing the nozzle and the conical needle
Do you want to change the delivery curve fuel respect to a certain carburetion tested, more lean or more rich for certain values ​​of throttle opening?
Choose suitable nozzle (DP and DQ) and needle (series K and U).
It helps in the choice of the nozzle and the needle.
For example, you have already found a PERFECT carburetion or that you meet in a certain condition, you want to change the power curve of gasoline, more lean or more rich for certain values ​​of the throttle?
Choose suitable nozzle and needle and relative notch.
Have you tested a couple nozzle needle like it, but want eg more fuel to 100% of gas and less than 10%, which pair needle-nozzle choose?

Check the influence of temperature, pressure and humidity.
Consider the following parameters:
emulsifier minimum, air screw position, gas valve type, nozzle type, nozzle number, type needle, needle position, main jet, air temperature, air pressure, air humidity, percent oil mixture, diameter carburetor.
Enter your carburetion perfect really proven yourself (or that you meet in a certain condition) in Kart1. Changing climatic conditions (Kart 2) and see how it changes the curve of the stoichiometric ratio (air / fuel ratio).
The curve of the Kart 1 becomes your reference curve, you must try to superimpose the curve Kart 2, in this case will have compensated the climatic conditions.

The application does not have at the time of the measurement of temperature, pressure and humidity. Of the three quantities the temperature (the one that affects more carburation) can be measured with the many applications (free and paid) available on the market.

Language: english - italian.

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