Circuits and careers V. Riders



- Use Circuit
This window is the same as the version "Race Circuits and yincanas V. Rider"
Open the file or import it from several options, email, hotmail, if droidzip been downloaded from the internet, Dropbox, or download it from FTP.
This window shows a map with all the circuit elements that have been added, in addition to having the ability to display data, coordinates, speed, position of the next buoy, the race remaining time
You also have the option to enable or disable the voice that says all data previously said.
- Share the circuit
Option to upload to our FTP server
Share the circuit with the applications installed on your android device, email, hotmail, gmail, dropbox, drive etc ...
Multi-language Version, Spanish, French, German, English

V 1.7 update Fix fails in screen HD
Version 1.5: Added option to see the results, shown around and step times buoy

Version 1.4, fixed the fault and change to resolution 1280 version of the new android +4.0.1 tel. Fixed a bug when adding the circuit, did not add either the target on the map, using other coordinates

Version 1.2, changed the GPS refresh 1Seg. fixed without possibility of change, the refreshment of the word if, that is being able to change

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