Cliff Jumping



Ever see awesome Cliff Jumping videos online and want to know where these sick places are to go and jump yourself? Well now you can with our Cliff Jumping application for Android. Our application will show you location, directions, weather, information and pictures of awesome Cliff Jumping locations. With our awesome application you can upload your Cliff Jumping locations so we can share them with everybody to enjoy.

Cliff Jumping is very dangerous and should be done on your own free will. Never let anyone force you to do it. If you think it’s a bad idea do not do it. We have not verified the information in this application. So be careful and always check water depth before cliff jumping. Also the height of the locations might not always be accurate not everyone measures some people eyeball it. They are just submitted to us so we do not know anything about the property being public or private. Because this application is just for informational purposes we cannot be responsible for any injuries, minor up to death that occur because of our content. The content on our application cannot be copied for use other then personal without written consent.

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