Dallas Mavericks Highlights



This is the most comprehensive app for the Dallas Mavericks available today!

- There are 4 news feeds with one being the official NBA news feed, another being the official Mavs news feed, another being the official Power Rankings feed and the final one being a Yahoo! Sports mavs feed

- You also have access to the offcial Mavs Facebook feed right from your app. You can also make comments straight from the app.

- You can also view the official Mavs Twitter feed right from the app.

- You have access to the official NBA channel uploads, official NBA highlights channel and All Dallas Mavs highlights soon after the game is over

- You can also play various podcasts right from the app including NBA today, NBA hangtime, Pardon the Interruption and the BS report

- You can also view various Mavs photos and also get live scores from NBA games