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Darts Master 2 out now (featuring Cricket mode)! Darts Master Lite will soon be removed from the Android market.

Darts Master Lite is the ultimate PRACTICE TOOL where you play a REAL game of darts against a range of simulated opponents. This is not a game but a practice tool. Play against the computer with the most realistic simulation available on the Android market.

Please don't post negatively if you expect it to be a game!

Darts Master Lite is the free version of Darts Master with a few limitations in place. The following features are disabled in the lite version: Creating computer players, pro and master tournaments and 3 (instead of 9) computer players to play against.


DARTS MASTER: Whether your practicing in your room or down the pub, Darts Master Lite can offer you a challenge at multiple skill levels. Featuring 3 (9 in full version) default computer opponents at different skill levels, you'll be sure to find a player to give to give you a good game. Each opponent has up to 7 different statistics ranging from how often a player misses to how good they are at hitting their doubles.

NEW: Two player mode, play human against human too!


ULTIMATE REALISM: Darts Master Lite is clever. When an opponent misses it will intelligently generate a realistic miss, just like on a real dart board. For example, if the computer is aiming for double 20 and misses, it is much more likely to hit around the number, for example double 1 or double 5. This again is fully configurable. The computer will also randomly decide which outs to take and how to get there, creating a unique game every time.


CREATE COMPUTER PLAYERS - Only available in full version.


USER PROFILES: You can create multiple user profiles to store your statistics as you play each game. Ranging from your checkout rate, to the number of 180's you throw, it's all stored and easily viewable. Each profile can have their own unique image, uploaded from your photos directory.


GAME CONFIGURATION: Configure the match to your liking, ranging from 1 - 9 sets, 1 - 9 legs and any starting score you choose up to 9999! Two player mode limited to 1 set, 6 maximum legs in Lite version.

Double in option available.


TOURNAMENTS: Play in the amateur (pro and master unlocked in full version) tournament, playing against progressively tougher opponents.



Classic: Play a game of '01 against the computer.

NEW: Classic mode (x01) now features a double in option.

NEW: Round The Clock: In Round The Clock, each number must be hit in the given sequence in order. The first to hit all the numbers in the sequence wins. Customize the sequence choosing from any bed and any segment which is automatically saved for next time! (Full version only, in the lite version a fixed list of 1 - 20, outerbull, bull is provided).


STATISTICS: Once a match finishes, your statistics (including the computers) are stored. Win/losses/darts thrown/checkout rate/three dart average and much more - it's all stored!

And yes, a computer can produce a 9 dart finish!

Please email any suggestions/feedback to queries@redbytecomputing.com or visit www.redbytecomputing.com/apps for more information.

Please note: Darts Master is intended to be played against the computer. Currently you cannot play human vs human.

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