Dive Logger



Sick of trying those other logbooks that seem free but store a limited number of dives?

Then this is for you!

FREE! Unlimited Dives!

-Statistics! (total time spent diving, average depth etc)
-Settings! (change between metric and imperial units)
-Backup and restore via SD card or Dropbox!
-Import all your dives from Excel!

For each dive you can record:
-Date, Location, Buddy
-Max depth, Time in, Bottom Time
-Temperature, Visibility
-Entry (boat/shore)
-Water type (salt/fresh)
-Sea conditions (surf, current, waves, surge)
-General notes

You can also record the details of your certificates. Great for those times when you leave your card at home.

On the to-do list (in no particular order):
-improve CSV import
-pressure in/out
-time in/time out
-surface interval
-weight configuration
-cylinder size
-air temp/surface temp
-GPS co-ordinates
-Attach photos
-DAN emergency numbers
-Dive master signatures

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