Football Manager 2014 Talents



If you like to play Football Manager 2014 then this app will be a very handy tool for you! Why? This app will help you find new talents / wonderkids for each position in your squad, which can save you costs in your current game.


1. The app will be updated every month (10th) with new talents / wonderkids that are found by playing Football Manager 2014. If you miss any players or want to recommend players to others, send a tweet to and it will most likely be added to the Football Manager 2014 Talents app.

2. The used currency in the Football Manager 2014 Talents app is GBP (Pounds). K=thousands M=millions

3. The wage and value may be different in your current game. It depends on many factors (development, injuries, etc.) during the game.

4. It is an un-official app, copyright of the content (player stats) is reserved to the makers of Football Manager 2014, Sports Interactive and SEGA.

5. I hope you enjoy playing Football Manager and find the app Football Manager 2014 Talents useful to get new talents / wonderkids for your squad. Feel free to rate Footbal Manager 2014 Talents app and spread the word if you'd like to!

6. By +5000 downloads the Football Manager 2014 Talents app will also be translated to iOS, so Apple users will be able to use it.

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