Football Twits Plus



Football Twits UK brings you all the latest English Premier League football news from Twitter, straight to your device. It is simple and easy to use, without any of the clutter seen in other Twitter clients. Our purpose is simply to deliver, minute by minute, all the football-related Tweets from the best sources in the game currently communicating through Twitter.

The application requires NO Twitter Account so you can set up instantly to receive all the latest Tweets.

Football Twits UK enables you to receive Tweets quickly and easily. If you want to send Tweets you need a Twitter Account. You can log into a Twitter account through this application.

Within the Football Twits UK application, under the Team List you will find the best sources of UK football tweets, including players (current and ex), ALL official Twitter accounts for English Premier League Clubs where they exist, journalists (tabloid and broadsheet), pundits, supposed agents ITK, and Football Organisations deemed particularly relevant.

You may not be interested in everyone on the Team List, so the Favourites section lets you filter out the Tweets that don’t “float your boat".

Give it a try and you will find it becomes your primary source for accessing the latest Premier League news.