The Force-E SCUBA Center App

Download the Force-E app today! The Force-E app is not just for customers of Force-E SCUBA Centers... it has many awesome features for any SCUBA diver.

Use the "Dive Locker" to keep track of all of your SCUBA gear and make copies of all of your DAN and certification cards.

Capture the moment and memories with "Trip Reports."

For the advanced diver, the Force-E app offers access to "Nitrox Tables" so you can see your maximum operating depth for both fresh and salt water.

For the new diver, and to remind the advanced diver, the Force-E app offers a handy guide to "Hand Signals."

When you are in the area and want to stop buy one of our stores or events... you can scan QR codes to check in, get additional product information, get event flyers, and more!!!

Lastly, check out our "Blog"... see what is going on with our "Calendar of Events"... and find us at one of our many "Locations"