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Simple app to send automatic SMS with your coordinates and hight, with defined time interval, to a specific phone. It is interesting for someone that practices sports like hang gliding, para gliding, sailplane, track, bike, kayak, balloon, and many others that someone needs to know your position.

** ATENTION ** Your GPS need to be activated.

I developed FreeFlySMS to don't use network, just GPS and SMS, because where I fly with my hang gliding there isn't network coverage. And many places in Brazil and other countries don't have coverage too. So, there is higher probability that SMS works better.

If your support has a GPS, he/she can read the received SMS, and insert the coordinates in GPS. If he/she has a phone with network conection, with a simple click in the message is it possible to see the position in google maps.

This application can also provide security during the practice of sports, once someone is following you, and if a problem occurs, it will be easier to find.

This App was developed by AppInventor (, a graphical tool for developing Android applications. Therefore, I am not a professional in the industry. I developed this application because I need this type of service and have not found something similar in googleplay. Leave your comment with suggestions for changes or improvements, if I have the technical capacity, I will try to implement.

The usage is very simple:

1. Activate your GPS Satellites. Go to menu, settings, location & security and set to use GPS satellites; If you don't do it your screen can freeze when start SMS.

2. Enter your name and the phone number that you want messages to be sent. You can enter the phone you want, provided it is valid. It's worth entering the area code and service provider if you are crossing several cities;

3. Enter the time interval you want messages to be sent. Place the time in minutes. ATTENTION *** in some carriers, send SMS generates extra costs, so put a time interval according to the expense you want to have.

4. Click the "Start SMS." There, the messages will start being sent after the time you put it. You must be outdoor!

5. Finally, click "Stop SMS". You will see a count of how many SMS were sent.

Note: To test if the application is running, insert your own phone number and place a small time interval (1 min) so that you receive an SMS from your own location.

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