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New features in version 3.0:
- More start intervals (40 sec and 5 min, and many others).
- More text colours (traffic light).
- New layout with uniform text size.
- New layout with countdown to start.
- Help texts.
- About menu with email feedback.

Start Clock is used to individually start runners/skiers/bikers in a race, e.g. in an orienteering or skiing competition. It works on both phones and tablets. The text is automatically adapted to fill the screen.

Start Clock:
- Gives a prewarning (e.g. 10 sec before start);
- Beeps on the seconds before start (e.g. 55, 56, 57, 58, 59); and,
- Beeps even more on the go second.

Start Clock shows current time hh:mm:ss or hh:mm, alternatively countdown to start (to zero). The Start interval can be chosen from 5 sec to 10 min.

The displayed time can be adjusted:
- To align with the timing system (e.g. 0.75 sec);
- To show call-up time (e.g. 3 min ahead); and,
- To postpone start (e.g. by half an hour, enter -30 min).

Text colours can be freely chosen for normal time, for the seconds before start, and, for the start second (can resemble a traffic light).

Start Clock can have a picture at your choice as a background image (alternatively, plain colour). Use a photo, the logo of the club or prepare a custom background picture. A blinking reminder can be displayed (optional, position and size of text can be controlled).

Start Clock contains no advertisements. It needs read access to external storage to show the background picture, but has apart from that no permissions. It does not collect or transmit any data.

Hint: Activate Flight Mode on your phone/tablet to prevent incoming calls from interrupting Start Clock.

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