Golf Distance Tracker



Use your phones GPS to Track distances for each of your clubs.

A lot of carts now have GPS built in so that you can tell how far away the green is, but that does not tell you what club to hit.

The Pro's know exactly how far they hit their clubs. So in turn they hit more greens.

Well now you can know as much as the Pro's.
Hit more greens by knowing exactly what club to hit each and every time.

Once the app has your exact location it will allow you start a shot, after you hit your shot, walk to it. Once you arrive select the club you used and click save. You are done, you can now start another shot.

Easy. Direct. And will improve your game after 1 round of use.


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Features to be Implemented in Future Versions :
-Full shot history
-Remove shot from history
-Add custom clubs

Please request any new features in the comments or by Email.

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