Guess What Volleyball Limited



With Guess What Volleyball you can analyse Volleyball actions and field positions. Statistic charts can be consulted at any time during or after the match.

The limited version is fully featured but only allows a maximum of 50 registered actions per match. The Guess What Volleyball full app doesn't have any restrictions.

It's also possible to e-mail the full analysis data in a csv formatted file which can be used in for example MS Excel for more indepth analyses.
This csv file also contains action date and time information which, if you recorded your match, can be used to easily skip through all the actions of interest.

9 volleyball actions and 5 ratings levels are available and can be user defined.

You can create and analyse unlimited teams and matches.

Before you can analyse a match you have to setup at least 2 teams and one match. After that select the created match and start your analyses!

Practical use showed that it not possible to analyse all actions in a match (you have to switch your focus between the screen and the match to often). Analysing 2-3 actions (serve, assist and set for example) per match is more realistic.

You can see both action and position statistics during the match.

I'm a volleyball coach myself and looked for an opportunity to learn to create Android applications. Because at first I did not knew what application it would become I called it Guess What. That's how Guess What Volleyball started.

Hope you enjoy the app! Please let me know your findings so I can improve the application with your input.

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