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Features added on hackTSD Pro (1.16 Stable) over its free basic app hackTSD are:

1. Real-time Lateness/Early reporting - helping user correct their speed dynamically
2. Automatic Penalty calculation - Lets you handle complicated calculations in a matter of few clicks
3. Correct Odometer - Enables user to change GPS Odo on the fly. Gives user benefit of a Terra-trip or a Geo-Trip
4. Odometer increments for better accuracy control.
5. Ideal Time Calculation for Random Odo distances
6. GPS is required for this application to perform advanced function.
7. Easy to use Interface.
8. Dynamic and Static(without active GPS) calculation methods available
9. RoadBook Support Added

hackTSD pro is much more advanced and equally easier to use application (Rally Computer or Rally Calculator) that reports the ideal time of arrival at any point in a Time-Speed-Distance (TSD format) based Motor-sporting rally.

Application provides its user with the real-time feedback on lateness & earliness with respect to user's location through GPS. GPS is mandatory for this application to perform advanced functions. For non-GPS enables sets, free basic application hackTSD is recommended. However, using this application, success becomes highly probable as it automates many of the tedious calculations a navigator performs during the course of rally, making teams work very easy.

Free demo version with the name hackTSDpro Rally Computer Demo gives you the fair amount of idea about the capabilities of this application in TSD rallies. Free demo is limited to 4.51987 KM range only.

Your contribution will help us embed Directional-Sense algorithm in the application. With that you would be able to upload and use GPS, Tripy and GeoTrip tracks on the application.

Enter input in the order:
1. Leg starting Information. Leg start Odometer reading & Time in 24 hour format
2. Speed chart information : Enter Speed chart End-Distance & corresponding Speed. Please note that for the 1st speed segment, initial distance value is assumed as 0 Km. For all other speed segments, initial distance value of segment is taken as the End-distance value of previous segment. This assumption reduces the amount of data input.

3. Time Control Information : Enter Time Control details as and when new Tc arrives. Penalties are calculated using Tc Check-in Time entry and future Ideal time calculations are done using Tc Check-out time entry.

Use Work Bench/hackTSD to check out Ideal Time information dynamically (While moving).

Workbench can also be used for:

1. Correcting GPS Odo error. Correction button can be used to calibrate error. Enter Correct Odo here after reaching a Tulip Point. It will help you get an indicative idea about next Tulip point arrival with respect to GPS or Car odo reading.

2. Calculate in-between Ideal time. Press options, then in-between TSD. This helps you calculated TSD information for any point based on previously defined inputs.

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Have a great TSD motor-sporting experience. Rally Pro guys.

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