HFT Mildots



Stunningly accurate range estimation for HFT (Hunter Field Target), FT (Field Target) and SFT (Sporting Field Target) air rifle shooting competitions - even if you don't know the size of the target!

If you have a mildot scope (true mildot or otherwise) and you know the size of a target, you can create an accurate chart to allow you to rangefind that target over the ranges used in Hunter Field Target and Field Target competitions.

If you don't know the size of your target, you can accurately estimate it's size using the estimate feature and produce a bracketing chart from your estimate, then later refine your estimates the next time you see that target on a course.

Once you have built up a collection of your custom target sizes, you can print out a bespoke chart for each ground you shoot at. The charts are specially designed to be as small and readable as possible so that they can be laminated and carried round the course with you discretely.

▶ Supports targets of up to 500mm in size
▶ Range find between 8 yards (7 metres) to 55 yards (51 metres)
▶ Output in yards or metres
▶ Manage targets (Nockover and Gamo target faceplate sizes included in the sample data)
▶ Range find objects of an unknown size (just enter the estimated range and size in mildots)
▶ Email a PDF Print of your own custom bracketing charts

For full details about how to use this application please visit http://www.anstonftc.co.uk/hft-mildots

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