Basketball Class Season1 Lite: from Freestyle Basketball HIPHOOP fonder An, Heewook with 7 years experienced Basketball instructor Jang, Kyuchan!
Let’s learn about the basic Basketball skill and freestyle HIPHOP with intensive Hip hop music.
HIPHOOP is the compound of HIP (freedom from the Hiphop music) with HOOP ( RIM from street basketball goalpost) and means the Freestyle basketball.
This will be mostly helpful for the teenager street basketball player who is keen to learn about the fancy HIPHOOP skill.
And this application will help your life more energetic to enjoy sports with the friends building good relationship at the same time.

1. Ball Handling Skills
2. Basic Dribble
3. Change Hand Dribble
4. In & Out Dribble
5. Leg through Dribble
6. Shot Gun Dribble
7. Behind Back Dribble
8. Front Back Dribble
9. Step Back
10. Kill Crossover Dribble
11. Spin Move
12. Slow Turn & Quick Dribble
13. Pop Up The Ball
14. Free Style
15. Shoot Basic
16. Jump Shoot Step
17. Fade away Shoot
18. Lay-up Shoot
19. Double Clutch Shoot
20. 360-Dig Lay-up
21. Jap step
22. Boomerang fake
23. Pump Fake & Shoot
24. Pass Basic
25. Pass Application
26. Defence Basic
27. Screen Play
28. Pick & Roll

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