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I can't respond directly to comments people make about the app but I feel I need to provide some clarity.

Mark contacted me at 11:25pm on Saturday Oct. 6th. I replied to his email at 8:50am on Sunday Oct. 7th. I heard nothing for a week. He then emailed me at 12:01pm on Saturday Oct. 13th and posted the review of the app saying I don't reply to emails at 12:13pm.

I've worked with every single person who has contacted me. I believe I have kept most people happy. In fact I believe I had already fixed this particular problem but he didn't give me a chance to tell him that.


The days of tracking stats on paper are gone! Use Hockey Stat Tracker to keep track of shots, goals, assists and many more stats. All at your fingertips.

Hockey Stat Tracker tracks shots - saves, missed, blocked, post and goals and whether it was a Power Play, Short Handed or Even Strength. The player that takes the shot, the goalie and any assists are also tracked. You even have the ability to handle +/-.

Hockey Stat Tracker allows you to create Seasons and Teams. Add Players to your teams – even your opponents. Games are sorted by type (League, Exhibition, Tournament and Playoff) and location (Home/Away). You can track multiple teams and multiple seasons, all within this single app.

Hockey Stat Tracker lets you track (for your team and all your opponents):

Shots – on net, goals, missed, blocked, post
Goalies – Shots, Saves, Goals, SV%

Shots are entered by tapping on an image of the rink. You can drag existing shots to different locations, or tap on a shot to edit it. You can even go back in after a game and change goals/assists/etc if necessary. During the game you'll get a running goal and shot total. You can even rotate the rinks on the screen so that they're always facing the same way as the teams are skating.

Sound complicated? It isn't…

See for more screenshots and instructions.

After each period you can get a report with shot totals and images showing the shot locations. It also breaks down counts for the types of shots and gives game totals.

After each game you can generate a report showing the game summary. Pictures are included to show shots for each period. Finally the stats for each goalie and player are added.

Other reports include individual player stats for the season, plus team reports that can be generated for the entire season or broken down by opponent, location (home/away) or game type (Leauge, Playoff, Exhibition or Tournament). The team contain either player stats or team records. These reports are sent as PNG and as CSV so you can import into Excel.

The Hockey Stat Tracker LITE version provides you the full functionality, however it is ad supported and you are limited to creating five games. You can migrate your database from the LITE version to the full version once you purchase it so no data will be lost by trying the LITE version.

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