Horse Groundwork Exercises



**********’Appsolutely Brilliant’ says HORSE & HOUND magazine, U.K.***********

********** The ‘Horsemanship’ app is the first in an excellent series of training apps followed by ‘Groundwork’ and ‘Riding Exercises.’ HORSE & HOUND magazine, U.K.***********

This app contains groundwork exercises by Irish Horsemanship. They are suitable for those who wish to improve their groundwork or who are interested in learning groundwork exercises to improve communication with their horse and prepare for improved ridden work.

This app contains the following groundwork exercises:

• Confidence
• Confidence building
• Leading
• Lateral flexion
• Backwards
• Forwards
• Move from touch
• Move from energy
• Circling
• Sideways
• Tight spaces
• Impulsion
• Improving
• Tacking up

Note this app will need internet access on your device during installation & use.

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