Horse riding exercises



    ***’Appsolutely Brilliant’ says HORSE & HOUND magazine, U.K.****

    *** The ‘Horsemanship’ app is the first in an excellent series of training apps followed by ‘Groundwork’ and ‘Riding Exercises.’ HORSE & HOUND magazine, U.K.***

    Becoming a talented horse rider is more than just sitting on a well trained horse. Horsemanship begins with an understanding of the horse itself, and from this developing principals and methods you will use in your interactions with your horse. A good horse is made. And to do this, you as a rider need to understand how to communicate with a horse in the saddle. Here are fourteen exercises covering essential riding skills, while working with the horse. It is recommended that you have already completed all of the groundwork exercises in the ‘Groundwork’ App.

    •Groundwork warmup
    •Lateral flexions
    •Halt with soft feel
    •10 steps with soft feel
    •Circles and bend
    •Ridden softness
    •Walk, trot and canter
    •Different circles
    •Hindquarter dance
    •Walk to backup
    •Lateral work

    Note this app will need internet access on your device during installation & use.

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