How to Play Baseball Guide PRO



Do you love baseball? Are you an MLB fanatic? Are you planning to teach yourself or your kids baseball?

Learn the correct way from this app 'How to Play Baseball Guide PRO'

Here are some features you will get from this Pro App

- Beautiful Interface with No Ads in the layout
- A full guide Baseball 101 for beginners which will cover

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – How It Started
Chapter 3 – The Basic Rules Of The Game
Chapter 4 – Sneaky Moves & Strange Happenings
Chapter 5 – Little League
Chapter 6 – High School Baseball
Chapter 7 – Minor League Baseball
Chapter 8 – Baseball Derivatives
Chapter 9 – What To Expect At A Baseball Game

This app also includes all you need to know about the biggest baseball league MLB - professional baseball league consisting

of teams that play in the American League and the National League, like:

- What is MLB?
- MLB Team Logo
- MLB 2k12 - ESPN MLB scores
- MLB transactions and MLB Trades
- Top 10 MLB teams
- MLB Longest Game
- MLB Best Hit
- MLB scores / Scoreboard / Results / Standings / Stats
- MLB schedule / playoffs
- MLB great games of all time
- Where to Get 2013 MLB All Star Game Tickets CHEAP
- Suggestion for Baseball Equipments
- Baseball Cards for Baseball Fans
and a lot more.....

On top of that, there are some bonuses and recommended baseball equipments and books waiting for you inside that you can

check out when you download this app.
You will have chance to play puzzle with Cincinnati Red Clubs and Funny MLB Player image too.

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