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    IFSC Boulder is a simple app that is intended to allow you to follow the IFSC Worldcup competition series on your phone. It has been designed to make the results of the competition easy to follow. Easily move between competitions / rounds and switch between categories or refresh the displayed results with a single touch. Results are pulled from the official IFSC Results Service as it is updated during the competition.

    Obviously, there's not going to be a lot to see if you look at a competition that has not yet started, so we've included links to the results of the 2012 World Championship so that you can get a feel for the app. The dates for this year's competitions can be found at

    Note: We have only a limited range of devices for physical testing, so feedback on any problems you have with a specific device would be helpful for ongoing development. If you do have problems, please report the hardware device and the operating system version in use.

    - Swap between competitions and rounds
    - Switch between Male & Female results
    - Track the performance of selected climbers

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