Joe Paterno



Joe Paterno was one of the greatest coaches of all time. Under his direct leadership, Penn State went on to win 409 total games and 24 bowl championships.

Additionally, JoePa invested in and impacted countless young men for 46 memorable seasons. "Yo Joe," here's to you!

All diehard Joe Paterno fans will instantly receive:

*Tons of raw video footage on the life and legacy of Coach Paterno

*Over 100 high quality color photos covering his entire career

*Take a walk with Joe down memory lane by watching some tear-jerking tributes!

*Endless Paterno quotes that will be sure to move, inspire, motivate and challenge you

*Special "Remembering Joe Paterno" interviews with Coach Bobby Bowden, D.J. Dozier, Kyle Brady, Steve Jones and more!

Come and reflect on the amazing life of Coach Paterno! Let his legacy continue...

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