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Karate and Martial Arts Lismore.
Richard Marlin’s Success Martial Arts Lismore Karate Academy is Lismore’s internationally awarded karate school offering martial arts classes for children, adults and families.

Our primary goal is to reach, teach, and inspire people to improve their quality of life and realise their potential for greatness, through training in the martial arts.

We have been Lismore’s Black Belt Academy, Leadership Academy, and Certified Instructor Training Academy since 1982! We offer the Lismore community the best quality karate classes for adults, children and families.

We are a full-time, professional, family-oriented martial arts school, emphasizing quality teaching of meaningful karate skills relevant to today’s lifestyle. We foster an inclusive, supportive, enjoyable environment, complemented by a convenient class schedule catering to residents of the Lismore community.

Our “rotating” curriculum emphasizes a solid foundation in martial arts and karate basics while encouraging students to maximize their mental and physical capabilities. We teach timeless martial arts values which strengthen our students to overcome modern challenges. These values include traditional Black Belt karate principles such as…

self discipline
mental focus
self defense awareness
indomitable spirit
personal accomplishment
goal direction

Our modern teaching strategies enable our students to learn quickly and properly and empower them to embody the “Black Belt Lifestyle” on a daily basis.

We look forward to welcoming you into our dojo soon for your complimentary introductory lesson!

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