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What an opportunity! To look through the eyes of Kevin Martin at
virtually all aspects of the sport of Curling. Whether you enjoy the game
from your couch while you cheer on your favourite team or you enjoy a good
friendly battle out on the rink with your own team mates, this app will
prove to be a terrific learning and entertainment tool. The lessons and
tips offered in this App are not available anywhere else in the sport.
Curling fans and the curlers themselves show a passion for their sport
like no other. We would like to take a few minutes and explain the
different segments of the Kevin Martin Curling App to you. There will
certainly be a few of the segments that spark your interest and some that
can help with your game on the ice or your fitness off the ice.

Every week there will be a new tip that comes directly from Kevin. It can
be on any aspect of Curling. Some tips help with problems on the ice,
while others deal with fitness, nutrition and healthy living. Because
healthy living and staying in shape is so important to Kevin, there is an
entire section on fitness. The Kevin Martin Curling App will walk you
through a 3-day beginner workout, a 4-day intermediate workout, and a 4
day advanced workout. Each daily workout is complete with full demos
involving Kevin and his personal trainer of 11 years, Mike Ljevaja. Every
exercise that comprises your daily workout is complete with the name of
the exercise, the amount of reps, the number of sets and the tempo in
which to perform the exercise. The Kevin Martin Curling App is definitely
like having a trainer in your pocket. A person starting at the beginner
level will work their way through the first complete set of Kevin Martin
Curling App beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts in about 4 - 5
months. At that time there will be another full set of exercises waiting
for you to continue to build your fitness and challenge you.

For the curler and curling fan there are sections that cover the world of
curling. The line scores and curling news sections will keep you up to
date on any curling happenings as well as the results of your favourite
teams games no matter what event or where the event is being played. It
is sometimes difficult to get all the current news from across the globe.
The Curling News section of the Kevin Martin Curling App will cover this
area like a blanket. As the news happens the Kevin Martin Curling App
will have it covered. The Line Score section is always a necessary part
of any sport. Come to the Kevin Martin Curling App anytime you are
wanting to know the status of your favourite team and all other teams for
that matter, as they play in any event, in any country.

Come with Kevin as he takes a walk done the curling equipment aisle in the
curling product section of the App. There are many great products
available in Curling and Kevin takes the time to explain the pros and cons
of most items available in curling stores. From the different slider
speeds, to the best brush head to use in certain situations, this part of
the App will help you make the best purchase decision the next time you
need something. A link to Kevin's own store at
will make your shopping experience pain free as you can make your
purchases on line and enjoy your new curling equipment when it comes right
to your door.

The Kevin Martin Curling App
For all things Curling

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